10.16.20 Live Webinar
12 pm – 1 pm

wills and more for busy peopleWhat does having a will have to with having fun? A LOT. Having your legal planning in place means that you know that if challenges arise, your family will be able to face them with support and resources. Time and money won’t be lost on family conflict because you didn’t specify who you want to make decisions for you. Taking away the anxiety about “what if”, gives you priceless peace of mind and lets you be truly present and enjoy your life so much more. We know you are busy, so we have processes to make sure we get the information we need, you are heard, and your goals and needs are addressed and translated into plans that give you and your family resiliency in these times of uncertainty. And, we also address your legacy – what is your story?

Attend on any device with internet access.
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