At Strub Law LLC, we are inspired to make a positive difference in clients’ lives by helping them plan for the care and protection of their loved ones and giving them the security of knowing that they have taken care of their families in the very best way.

We charge only flat fees agreed upon in advance; there are no hourly fees.  This way, clients are not afraid to call because they do not want to get a surprise bill in the mail in six-minute increments.  Clients can call with an update or changes to their circumstances; and instead of playing phone tag, calls are scheduled. If there is a matter of consequence, we will come to an agreement on a flat fee before commencing work.

We communicate with clients regularly through newsletters and email so that we can help them keep their plans up-to-date with their changing family, changing assets, and the changing law.  If a plan relies on assets being titled in a certain way and a client decides to take care of the retitling, we will follow up to ensure that it is getting done. We don’t want clients to get a set of documents and put them on the shelf and never look at them again.  We want to make sure clients’ plans will work the way they want when they need them.

We strive to foster a long-term relationship with clients in order to develop a plan that will take care of their families the way they want, even if they are not able to.  We want to develop a relationship in which clients feel comfortable and “let us in”. We translate clients’ individual needs and desires to really understand what would best suit their needs and translate them into documents such as healthcare directives, powers of attorney, wills, and trusts.  These legal documents are necessities, but they are byproducts of our relationship with our clients.

A plan that is done once, stuck in a drawer and never looked at again is not going to be the best plan to take care of one’s family when it is most needed.  Some attorneys merely prepare documents for their clients once and don’t follow up over time and don’t make sure their clients assets are titled properly. Strub Law isn’t like that.

Rebecca Strub can “meet you where you are” in many respects, such as explaining the process so that you understand it, or meeting you at your house or office or in the evening.  We want this to be as easy and comfortable as possible, so if you think of a specific way we can accommodate you, please ask and we will see what we can do.