Mistakes Parents Make When Naming Guardians – MISTAKE #3

MISTAKE #3 — Have considered financial resources when deciding who should raise your children. Your guardians do not have to (and often should not) be financial decision makers for your kids.

No, that’s not a typo. The mistake IS considering financial resources when deciding who should care for your kids. Your guardians don’t have to provide the financial resources, you do. And you can appoint someone other than the guardians to oversee the money, if you choose.

I see this one so often that I just had to write to you about it. Parents come into my office and sit across from me considering all of the possible people who could raise their kids if something happens to them and invariably someone will say …

“I just love Bob and Mary, but they really don’t have enough money.”

Stop right there. Bob and Mary don’t have to have enough money to raise your kids, they just have to have enough love to love them the way you would.

It’s up to you to leave enough financial resources behind for your version of Bob and Mary to comfortably care for your children with all the love they can. If you aren’t sure you’ve got this covered or want to make sure the money you are leaving behind is cared for the way you want, by the people you want, so the guardians you choose can just love up your kids, contact me and get on my calendar. I’m here to help.

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