Mistakes Parents Make When Naming Guardians – Mistake #6

Mistake #6 — Only named guardians for the long-term and did not make any arrangements for the short term if you were in an accident. What would happen in those immediate hours until your permanent guardians could arrive?

Traditional legal documents will only name guardians for the long-term. They won’t make any provision whatsoever for those key immediate hours after something happens.

Traditionally families lived in multi-generational home or geographically close. But, now, many people live far away from their chosen guardian(s).

Your kids could be taken into the care of strangers. The authorities would have no choice but to bring your kids into a foster care situation, even temporarily, while they figure out what to do.

It’s too risky. You never want that to happen to your kids, I know.

So let’s make sure it doesn’t happen.

If you want to make sure you’ve named the right people to raise your kids, documented it properly, and that your kids will never be taken care of by anyone you don’t want or taken out of your home even for a minute, contact my office to schedule your Family Wealth Planning Session.

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