Stepping Up to Greater Independence

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the beginning of summer! My kids finished school last Tuesday morning with my younger one participating in an End of Year Show for the whole school. He enjoyed performing and I think he is very proud and excited about the “Step Up” to first grade.
We did not do anything very “exciting” during those days between school and the beginning of camp. I was focused on making space for the “big boy bed” coming for my younger son. It has been a big project because it meant switching his room to the room that used to be my husband’s office (and vice versa).

He is so happy to have his new bed! Another sign of stepping up is that on just the second day of camp, he got right out of the car and said, “bye, mom!” His increasing independence is so appropriate as we move toward the Fourth of July! I hope you have plans for celebrating America’s Independence Day.

Do you have a child who has stepped up to a new stage? Check out “The Legal Planning You Need to Do for Your High School Graduate” concerning one of those changes – graduating high school. Since most high school graduates are or soon to be 18 years old, this means they are no longer minors under the law.  

This means that in certain circumstances they will be treated differently and YOU will be treated differently. Read the article below about the legal planning you need to consider for your high school graduate. … And my Independence Month discount!

Enjoy the beginning of summer!


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