We have blocked two hours off on our calendar for your planning session. You can expect to be here for the full two hours so that you can get the most out of your Family Wealth Planning Session. If this will not be possible during the time you scheduled, please give us a call so we can reschedule.

Your Personal Family Lawyer is expecting to meet with you and with anyone else you will be planning with. Please make sure all parties will be available during the meeting time so that you can make the most of your planning session.

Your meeting will begin with your Personal Family Lawyer sharing some background and history about us and our firm. You’ll then walk through “what would happen” if something were to happen to you now. You’ll let your Personal Family Lawyer know if “what would happen” is okay with you or not. If it’s not, your Personal Family Lawyer will help you design a plan to ensure your family will have as little to worry about as possible if something happens to you. We can have a plan in place protecting your family in about two months after your planning session.

As soon as possible, please review the enclosed document called “How Our Law Firm Is Different” for an overview of what makes us unique.

If, after reading “How Our Law Firm Is Different,” you discover you are looking for a one-shot transaction rather than a lawyer who provides a lifetime of guidance and protection, guarantees your plan will work at the time of your death or incapacity, and guides you and your family throughout your lifetime, please let me know right away so I can refer you to a number of lawyers we know who operate on a transactional basis.

If, after reading “How Our Law Firm Is Different,” you are ready to embark on a lifetime relationship with a personal lawyer who will help you plan for a life of success and prosperity and ensure the protection of your wealth and your family, please review the document called “How to Prepare for Your Family Wealth Planning Session.